The Edward Snowden Saga

New stories surface everyday about this extraordinary man. Click here to read all about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Lady Gaga's Backyard Crisis

On the eve of the release of her new single, Lady Gaga witnesses a UFO drop off a mutilated cow in her backyard.

The KKK Targets Kanye and Kim

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a new stalker, the KKK. What does the Klan want with the world-famous interracial couple?

The Bradley Manning Conspiracy

Tortured by the U.S. Military before he even got a chance to stand trial, Bradley Manning might be a pawn in a conspiracy to legalize torture.

Simon Cowell's Baby to Get King Tut's DNA

X Factor Judge Simon Cowell will pay millions to have his baby's DNA modified and mixed with Egyptian Pharaoh's genes.

The Shadow Government Pissed at Obama

The secret reptilian alien shadow government gets pissed off at Obama for making an ass of himself in Egypt.

Ben Affleck's Burger and Booze Meltdown

Mortified by the Batman backlash, Ben Affleck has a burger and booze meltdown of Hasselhoff proportions.

Lamar Odom's Adventure in La La Land

Lamar Odom was spotted in La La Land, trying to impersonate James Brown so he could score some non-ghetto crack cocaine.

Katy Perry Roars Her Way Out of Captivity

Pop diva Katy Perry tickled President Obama's fancy with her over-the-top VMA performance. Trouble is, she also got the attention of some Syrian rebels.

Miley Cyrus' Twerking Exorcism Drama

With all the twerking, tongue-wagging and foam fingering going on, former Disney child star Miley Cyrus is rumored to be demon possessed.

Vladimir Putin to Obama: I Vill Nuke You!

So far, Vladimir Putin has shown a lot more determination than Obama in finding a diplomatic solution for the conflict in Syria. Will he succeed?

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