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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vladimir Putin to Obama: I Vill Nuke You!

Vladimir Putin's Warning to Obama: I Vill Nuke You!

Russian Kremlin Vladimir Putin is putting his foot down again.  While before, he refused to hand over Edward Snowden, as the US had demanded, now he is standing up to Obama once more, threatening to use nukes against him if he attacks Syria.  Even though President Obama appears to be shaking in his boots, knowing this could easily mean World War III, it remains to be seen whether or not Putin will make him walk away with the tail between his legs.  

"I Vill Nuke You!" Vladimir Putin Says to Obama

Vladimir Putin to Obama: I Vill Nuke You!

Vladimir Putin's Threat to Obama if He Bombs Syria: "I Vill Nuke You!"

Things haven't been easy for President Obama lately.  So far, he has been facing failure after failure in his attempts to run this nation.  First, there's the ObamaCare fiasco, which, instead of benefiting Americans as it had initially promised, will very likely result in even more unemployment and financial chaos for the working class.

There's also the situation with Edward Snowden.  Not only did the whistleblower expose Obama's complete lack of awareness that the NSA was spying on the American people and violating our constitutional rights by going behind our backs and demanding that phone and Internet companies release our private records, but he also made it safely to Russia, where he got the asylum he sought.

Vladimir Putin to Obama: No Attack on Syria

No matter how butt hurt Obama got over the fact that Vladimir Putin stood his ground and refused to give into his demands to hand over Snowden, in the end, Russia made an example out of him in front of the whole world.

The ridicule has significantly decreased Obama's approval ratings to the point where rumor has it that President Jimmy Carter will be replaced in history as the worst-ever President of the United States.  As if this weren't enough, Obama is already being called a lame duck before even serving half of his second term.

Vladimir Putin Meme: Obama with Beers

Think it stops there?  Think again.  

It's ironic that Vladimir Putin—and not Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winner Obama—is emerging as the voice of reason in this futile mission to bomb Syria.  After all, Obama's argument to move forward with a missile strike to allegedly stop the use of chemical weapons in Syria has more holes than swiss cheese. Worst of all, Obama is playing a dangerous game, because he is provoking an extremely powerful world leader who could easily make good on his promise to go nuclear on his ass.

Obama Political Cartoon on Syria: Which Devil Shall I Bomb?

And things just keep getting more and more complicated as Obama keeps throwing his hands up in the air and mindlessly continuing to get Congress' approval to go to war.  Because, no matter how much he may say that this will be a limited missile strike and that there will be "no boots on the ground," we all know that this is far from the truth.

If Obama bombs Syria, he may as well kiss his ally Israel goodbye, because it will become the first target to get pulverized off the map.  Vladimir Putin is not playing games.  The Cold War is back, and this time things won't be that diplomatic.  With the two major blows to the US's reputation brought about by Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden's leaks, the world no longer respects or fears the bully of bullies. 

Obama to Miley Meme: Help Bomb Syria

Sadly, the US government has played world police for too long, and at its taxpayers' expense, so now even the American people have lost respect for a nation that does nothing to protect us or our families. Instead, our economy suffers, gas prices go up, the homeless and unemployed fall through the cracks, and let's not forget that this police state of ours also uses gas on its freedom fighters. 

Even though the Occupy Movement has been obliterated and silenced, we remember what happened and so does the world.  Vladimir Putin has said to Obama: "If you bomb Syria, I vill nuke you!"  And what is Obama doing to protect his people?  Still trying to get Congress approval to move forward with World War III.  Gee, thanks, Mr. President. 

Have anything to say about what is going on with Vladimir Putin and Obama?  Which world leader will prevail?  Let us know in the comments below.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Twerking Exorcism Drama: Is Miley Cyrus Demon Possessed?

The Demonic Possession of Miley Cyrus: Twerking Exorcism Drama

It's been a bit longer than two weeks since wild-child wannabe Miley Cyrus completely went off the rails at the VMAs, sticking out her tongue and making lewd gestures with a foam finger.  Even though her father Billy Ray Cyrus recently claimed in an interview that he supports everything his daughter does and loves her unconditionally, he simply couldn't take the humiliation of her latest interview, in which she claimed to have "made history" at the VMAs.

Not for the Faint of Heart: Miley Cyrus' Exorcism - Twerking, Possession and Demons

Miley Cyrus Twerking Exorcism Drama

Twerking Exorcism for Miley Cyrus: Is She Demon Possessed?

Billy Ray Cyrus is quite a vain, superficial man.  All it takes is one search on Google images, and you'll see that he shows absolutely no emotion in any of the pictures taken of him.  It's all about looking good and being into himself.  It is no wonder then that his daughter Miley Cyrus has to go to such extreme lengths to get his attention.

Her latest stint to get narcissistic daddy to notice her was at the VMAs, where she did the unthinkable and shocked half the nation in a desperate attempt to "make history."  Most likely, the ridicule she made will sink into oblivion well before the year is over, but her dad was so humiliated by her last interview, that this time he just had to do something.

Miley Cyrus Meme: Foam Finger

After he learned what she had said on her interview, that people were "over thinking it" and that she was just "being herself" during the performance, he came home and found her in the bedroom doing the unthinkable again.  Only this time, she went as far as using a crucifix to rape herself.  Billy Ray was so mortified when he saw how far his baby had gone, that he went downstairs and picked up the phone.

He called Amanda Bynes' parents and asked them how he could get a conservatorship to make sure his daughter would get the psychiatric help she needed.  After that, he went online to find an exorcist and had him come over in the middle of the night to drive the demonic forces out of his daughter.

When the poor priest went into the room and started screaming at Miley, "The power of Christ compels you," she stuck out her tongue so far out of her throat, that she started throwing up pea soup all over the bed and even on the priest's robe.

Miley Cyrus Meme - Batboy

Billy Ray Cyrus was so sickened by the whole drama, he couldn't even watch.  Soon after the priest saw the hot, steaming pea soup all over his clothes, he threw in the towel and left Miley's room.  When Billy Ray asked him what was going on, the priest answered that he needed to contact the Vatican for a more seasoned expert to be sent to do the job, because he didn't have enough experience to deal with someone as severe as Miley Cyrus.

What do you think will be Miley Cyrus' next train wreck?  Let the world know about your prediction in the comment section below.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kidnapped!: Katy Perry Roars Her Way out of a Syrian Rebel Camp

Did Katy Perry Roar When Kidnapped by Syrian Rebels?

Songbird Katy Perry has more than earned her title of Little Miss Perfect in today's pop music industry. In spite of her failed marriage to British funnyman Russell Brand and a few questionable outfit choices, the diva always manages to emerge unscathed from potentially-embarrassing blunders.  Trouble is, her over-the-top performance at the VMAs this past Sunday attracted the attention of the wrong crowd. And a very wrong crowd it is: The Syrian rebels.

Katy Perry Roars Her Way Out of a Syrian Rebel Camp 

Kidnapped!: Katy Perry Roars Her Way Out of a Syrian Rebel Camp

Kidnapped by Syrian Rebels: Katy Perry Roars Her Way Out of a Rebel Camp

Katy Perry's live performance of her new hit single, "Roar," at the VMAs was so explosive, even President Barack Obama took notice.  Disregarding any possible sting of jealousy his wife Michelle might feel, the commander in chief got inspired enough to tweet the hashtag #ROAR directly to Katy Perry herself.

Supposedly, it was his way of thanking her for her support, but inquiring minds know better.  I mean, is this his idea of subtle flirting or what?  Hey, the guy can dream, can't he?

Katy Perry Desperate for Obama's Attention

If only he had anticipated the unfortunate series of events that would result from his wannabe-Casanova move.  As it turns out, Mr. President wound up getting his secret crush in a major heap of trouble.

The complications arose when a posse of Syrian rebels were watching a pirated live stream version of MTV's VMAs halfway across the world in a rebel camp.

The moment their head honcho became aware of Obama's loaded tweet, he saw his chance to get the reputably-weak politician on his side.  He figured if he had some leverage then maybe Obama would send him a secret shipment of clandestine weapons so he could further his cause against the Syrian government. Wasting no time, Mr. Syrian Rebel Head Honcho came up with a genius strategy to maneuver himself into Obama's good graces.

Katy Perry Meme: I Kissed A Girl

He got in touch with a coyote down in Tijuana and arranged to smuggle his rebels across the U.S.-Mexican border in a papaya truck.  As soon as the Syrian rebels made it to L.A., they tracked down Little Miss Spectacular Katy Perry and invaded her home.

Her on-again-off-again squeeze, serial dater John Mayer, happened to be there in the living room, but he was too busy listening to the angst-ridden song his former girl toy Taylor Swift had written about him, so he didn't hear the Syrian rebels break in.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the honeymoon suite, Katy Perry got ready for bed and came out wearing her most glamorous dominatrix getup, leather whip and all.  That's when the rebels made their presence known and, giving the pop princess no time to change into a more appropriate outfit, they grabbed her by the hair and dumped her in the back of the papaya truck.  From there, they shipped her out to Syria and had her delivered first class to their rebel camp.  

Katy Perry Meme: Happy Birthday Mr. President

It was a good thing that the diva wasn't about to let some rebels intimidate her, so she roared so loud, that her knight in shining armor, Mr. Barack Obama, was able to hear her all the way from the Oval Office where he happened to be enjoying a cigar behind closed doors.  Unable to resist the eager roars of his damsel in distress, the commander in chief got his missiles ready and set out to save the day.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Lamar Odom Spotted in La La Land, Trying to Impersonate James Brown

Lamar Odom Trying to Impersonate James Brown in La La Land?

Non-ghetto crack cocaine must be hard to score in L.A. these days.  Just ask Khloe Kardashian's hubby and free-agent basketball star, Lamar Odom.  According to reports, Odom went missing for three days after getting into an argument with the abrasive Kardashian wookie.  Worst of all, an eyewitness claims to have spotted him in La La Land, trying to impersonate James Brown so he could score his drug of choice away from the spotlight.

Lamar Odom's La La Land Adventure: James Brown Impersonation

Lamar Odom Spotted in La La Land Trying to Impersonate James Brown

Lamar Odom impersonates James Brown in La La Land to score some non-ghetto crack cocaine

Anyone who has watched the Kardashian reality shows on E! won't be shocked to find out that Lamar Odom is MIA due to a heated argument with his wife Khloe.  After all, the poor guy is obviously kept on a short leash by the loud-mouth fame seeker, so it's easy to see how he'd try to forget his troubles by hitting the pipe.  Only problem is, the strain of crack cocaine that is available in the streets of Los Angeles is much too ghetto to satisfy the high-maintenance tastes of former Laker boy Lamar.

Lamar Odom Meme: So you're telling me?

This must be the reason Odom was spotted in La La Land last night, trying to impersonate James Brown in his legendary mugshot getup.  Considering how much money the Kardashians have amassed since big sister Kim rose to fame due to a sex tape, there aren't very many places on the planet left for Lamar Odom to hide from his wife.  Still, the tortured NBA champion simply couldn't take it anymore. He just had to get away, and no one was going to stop him this time, not even the globetrotting prima donnas.

For months, tabloids have been reporting that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's marriage is on the rocks.  Some of the issues appear to include the couple's inability to conceive a child, as well as Lamar's extramarital affairs.  This time around, the problem is drugs.  Crack cocaine, to be more specific.  Reportedly, the couple's most recent feud happened due to Khloe's attempt to do an intevention, but her man would have none of it.

Khloe Kardashian Meme: Temper Tantrums

A neighbor claims that things got really heated between the troubled lovebirds.  So much so, that loud screams were heard along with sounds of breaking glass and slamming doors.  Even the dogs of the entire neighborhood were barking, it was so loud.  It's not clear at what point Lamar exploded, but a source close to the Kardashian clan reports that a magic bus showed up at the front door to pick up the sports star and then whisked him away to La La Land.

Puff the Magic Dragon was among the shady characters seen hanging with Lamar once he got to his exotic destination.  According to eyewitnesses, the two of them appeared to be having a jolly good time, getting high and laughing their asses off till they were tickled pink.       

Puff the Magic Dragon: I love me some crack cocaine

Lamar was later spotted in a bright corner of La La Land, wearing a Hawaiian luau around his neck and surrounded by neon balloons and rambunctious cross-dressers of undetermined ethnicities. Willy Wonka was there blazing, too, and the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland made his appearance as well.  Lamar Odom had never had this much fun since he'd married Khloe.  He'd have to do this more often.    

Crackers Gonna Crack meme

Meanwhile, back in L.A., the Kardashian wookie was getting her crossbow ready to punish her hubby á la Fifty Shades of Grey when he got home.  She didn't care how bad he stunk when he got his crack on, she still loved him. She wasn't going to give in no matter how bad things got.  She was only going to smack him around a little and then give him another chance for the cameras.  Heck, she might even try marriage counseling so she could sneak in a few heartwarming scenes next season on Keeping Up with Lamar and Khloe

Little did she know that Lamar had been off the Kardashian Kool-Aid for a long time now, and he wasn't about to let her boss him around anymore.  From now on, the world would see a new Lamar. That night in La La Land had deeply changed him, and he was ready to face the real world now.  Khloe Kardashian wasn't going to be the one doing the smacking anymore.

What did you think of Lamar's adventure in La La Land?  Do you have any words of wisdom?  If so, go ahead and let your voice be heard in the comments below.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ben Affleck: Burger and Booze Meltdown Over Batman Backlash

Ben Affleck's Reaction to Batman Backlash: Burger and Booze Meltdown 

Life's been good to Hollywood golden boy, Ben Affleck.  He's dated J. Lo, he's happily married to Jennifer Garner, and his film Argo won Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards.  He seemed invincible until Warner Brothers announced that he'd be replacing Christian Bale in the next Batman movie.  According to reports, Affleck went ballistic when he learned that the announcement had sparked a huge backlash which included a petition to the White House, demanding for Obama to give him the axe as the next Dark Knight. 

Batman Backlash: Ben Affleck Has a Burger and Booze Meltdown

Ben Affleck Has a Burger and Booze Meltdown over Batman Backlash

Ben Affleck's Burger and Booze Meltdown Over Batman Backlash

This past Thursday evening, shortly after the news broke that Ben Affleck would play Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel, the actor was chilling with Matt Damon in his L.A. home, drinking homemade margaritas and getting ready for the next success in his multi-billion-dollar career.  Nothing could have prepared him for what was to come.  Never did he imagine that the announcement would spark such an outrage among fans online.

Twitter exploded with trending hashtags such as #BetterBatmanThanAffleck, and haters began to post memes and completely random pictures of animals, unlikely characters and actors that could play the role better than Affleck.  Needless to say, Affleck's ego was instantly bruised, and what followed was a major meltdown of Hasselhoff proportions.   

Ben Affleck as Batman Meme: Christian Bale

Ben Affleck literally flew off the handle.  His wounded pride was just too much for him to bear.  How could the fans do this to him?  Hadn't they seen how spectacular his role as Daredevil had been?  And what about his Oscar-worthy performance in Gigli?  Didn't they remember his Kevin-Smith roots?  I mean, the guy had mingled with the likes of Jason Lee and Jay and Silent Bob for Pete's sake!  The last straw was when one of his buddies called him and told him that someone had just posted a petition on the White House website, asking Obama to fire him.  Even Darth Vader had a cow when he found out about the "Batfleck."    

Ben Affleck as Batman Meme: Darth Vader

A source close to the actor informs us that Affleck stormed out of his house, leaving behind his wife Jennifer Garner and his three daughters.  Even Matt Damon couldn't catch up with him.  By the time Damon tried to tell him he would consider playing Robin opposite him just to deflect some negative attention from him, Affleck was nowhere to be found.

He had taken Jennifer's car and refused to take his Lexus because the company had betrayed his trust by joining the bashers on Twitter.  Cruising full throttle down Hollywood Boulevard, Affleck headed straight towards a liquor store.  There, he loaded up on cheeseburgers and beer bottles, picked up a wrestling diva who was standing in a corner looking for a good time, and then checked into a dingy motel down the street.

Ben Affleck as Batman Meme: John Goodman Big Lebowsky

Inside the lobby, Affleck threw a tantrum and went off on the staff when they asked him for an ID.  "Don't you know who I am?" he screamed at the top of his lungs.  The Arab man working at the front desk didn't understand English very well, so he had to call the bouncers from the club next door to get the situation under control.

As soon as Ben Affleck saw the burly boys come in, he calmed down a bit and asked his companion, the wrestling diva, to get a room for them.  The moment the Arab man handed the room key over to the diva, eyewitnesses say that Affleck grabbed the beauty by the arm and dragged her upstairs to the room with him.   

Ben Affleck as Batman Meme: Jonah Hill

Once in the room, Affleck took off his shirt and began guzzling beer and eating cheeseburgers.  As he got more and more smashed, he asked the wrestling diva to show him some moves on the bed.  The diva obeyed, and the two of them partied the night away, trashing the motel room to their heart's content.  Little did they know that the staff had sent them to that particular room because they had hidden cameras installed there, so they were watching everything.  

Ben Affleck as Batman Meme: Obama

This is how Affleck's meltdown went public.  As it turns out, the Arab man who worked at the front desk had just had his house repossessed, so he was dirt poor and in desperate need of money.  When he saw Affleck making a complete ass of himself in front of the surveillance camera, he picked up the phone and tipped off the papparazzi on Robertson Boulevard.

In less than an hour, the rumor had spread, and a mob of bottom feeders had descended upon the place.  There were cameras and bright lights everywhere.  Affleck was so drunk, he didn't even hear the commotion outside, but his companion had been smart enough to drink only a couple of beers, so she was still pretty much sober.

Ben Affleck Gobbling Up Some Burger

Bowing out gracefully, the wrestling diva grabbed her purse, got dressed and slipped out unseen by diving down the dirty laundry chute.  Affleck remained behind, downing beers, talking to himself and reminiscing about the golden age of his career.  Would those wonderful days ever return or had he fallen pray to a heartless Hollywood scheme to destroy his reputation?  What is your take on this story?  Do you agree with Warner Brothers' decision to cast Ben Affleck as the next Batman?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simon Cowell's Baby to Receive Egyptian Pharaoh DNA Transplant

Will Simon Cowell's Baby Receive a Transplant of Egyptian Pharaoh's DNA?

UK music mogul Simon Cowell started his career crushing the dreams of aspiring pop stars on American Idol.  Years later, he enhanced his grinchy reputation by graduating to X Factor producer and judge.  Nowadays he continues to shatter people's lives, only this time he's done it by knocking up his former best friend's wife.  Cowell was hoping his firstborn would be of royal lineage, but since it was an unexpected pregnancy, he'll have to make, shall we say, artificial arrangements?

Simon Cowell to Pay Millions to Have His Baby's DNA Mixed with Egyptian Pharaoh's Genes

Simon Cowell's Baby to Receive Egyptian Pharaoh DNA Transplant

X Factor Judge Simon Cowell will modify his baby's DNA by giving it a transplant of Egyptian Pharaoh's genes

Teenage girls have Simon Cowell to thank for being the evil mastermind behind the creation of the boy band, One Direction, but selling millions of records doesn't appear to satisfy him any longer.  He wants more, and now he will set out to play god.  Apparently, creating boy bands is too mundane an accomplishment for Cowell, so now he'll see to it that his firstborn baby shares its DNA with King Tut.

Simon Cowell Meme: I created One Direction

Not too long ago, a genetic study in Switzerland found that 70% percent of British men descend from the legendary Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun.  More recently, a group of scientists in the UK collected DNA samples of King Tut's mummy and used the latest genetic technology to transplant the samples into the mitochondria of newborn babies.  

According to a source close to Simon Cowell, as soon as the mogul found out that he might be a descendant of King Tut, he went to his soon-to-be baby mama, Lauren Silverman, and informed her of his plans to have the baby's DNA modified.  With this purpose in mind, Cowell recruited an entire team of geneticists to see to it that the process is failproof.  

One Direction Meme: American Psycho Axe

Even though Simon Cowell's plan to give his baby a royal DNA transplant was supposed to be kept on the down low until after the baby was born, now the story is out, so fans will want to know more.  Will Simon Cowell succeed at mixing his baby's genes with King Tut's DNA?  Is it insecurity or a superiority complex that might be driving Simon Cowell to spend millions on such an outlandish endeavor?  Leave a comment below to let the world know what you think.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Bradley Manning Conspiracy: Will Torture Be Legalized?

U.S. Military Conspiracy: Bradley Manning and the Legalization of Torture

Media outlets are buzzing about former U.S. Army private Bradley Manning, the whistleblower who released hundreds of thousands of classified military files to Wikileaks back in 2009.  Accused by prosecutors of "aiding the enemy," Manning was sentenced to serve 35 years in prison for charges of espionage and fraud.  What is it that makes this young man so threatening to the U.S. military?   

Bradley Manning: A Pawn in a Conspiracy to Legalize Torture?

The Bradley Manning Conspiracy: Will the U.S. Military Legalize Torture?

Is the U.S. Military Trying to Legalize Torture?: The Bradley Manning Conspiracy

Some call him a hero.  Others call him a patriot.  The American Government calls him a traitor.  Many wonder if the U.S. military is trying to make an example out of him to scare other would-be whistleblowers into silence.  An endless amount of questions surrounds the fate of Bradley Manning, who was arrested back in May of 2010 after admitting to hacker Adrian Lamo via chat that he was the source of the leaks.  Do we smell a conspiracy or do we smell a conspiracy?

One of the most shocking files that emerged from these leaks was the now-infamous video footage that came to be known as "Collateral Murder."  Originally shot in 2007 from the cockpit of a U.S. Apache helicopter during a "gun run" over Baghdad, the footage shows an incident that took place while the Iraq war was in full swing.

During this incident, several unarmed civilians were killed, including two Iraqi journalists who worked for Reuters TV.  What is most disturbing about the video is that it provides clear evidence that these pilots violated U.S. rules of engagement by shooting unprovoked at unarmed civilians.  What followed after that was an attempt to cover up the incident by making the video top secret.  And what did Bradley Manning get in return for revealing it to the public?

He got arrested and placed in an eight-by-eight-foot cage made of steel grid panels.  There, he spent more than a month.  He was isolated, sleep deprived, denied human contact and driven to a suicidal breakdown, all of this without facing trial or being officially charged with crimes.  Convinced that he would probably die there, Manning tried to hang himself with a noose made out of sheets, but even that was pointless because it was physically impossible to do it in such a confined space.

Given these facts, it is safe to assume that a conspiracy involving the U.S. military is brewing?  But, if that's the case, who is behind it and what is its ultimate purpose?

Bradley Manning Meme: Obama - Yes We Can Torture!

As difficult as this is to believe, this form of torture is already legal according to U.S. military standards and it is known as pretrial detention.  Such is the fate of enemy prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, only Bradley Manning is a U.S. citizen who joined the army to serve his country.  For close to three years after that, his imprisonment continued until he finally got his sentence.

Accused of masterminding the biggest leak of military secrets in the history of the United States, Bradley Manning is now considered by the Obama administration to be an enemy of the state.  He will have to serve at least one third of his sentence before he becomes eligible for parole.  Is it too paranoid to think that maybe, just maybe, Manning is the pawn in a conspiracy to widely implement torture practices on civilians suspected of terrorism?

Bradley Manning Meme: Who Goes to Prison?

Heck, if the U.S. military has already established psychological torture as a legal practice within pretrial detainment, the logical question to ask is, what's next?  We already got the NSA violating the privacy of American citizens by spying on our Internet activities.  If some government employee suddenly decides our activities make us potential suspects of terrorism, then what's to stop us from becoming the next Bradley Manning?  

No one's safe in America anymore.  Everyone's in on the conspiracy to legalize torture in this police state.  The eye in the sky is constantly watching.  Maybe it's time to move to Russia á la Edward Snowden.

The Bradley Manning Conspiracy: The U.S. Does Not Torture

What do you think of this conspiracy theory?  Do you think the military has the right to torture anyone they deem their enemy?  Is the police soon going to be allowed to do the same thing to civilian prisoners?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Stalked by the KKK

Why is the KKK Stalking Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?

Things seem to be just fine and dandy for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  The fame-hungry interracial couple recently had a baby girl, and even Obama had something to say about them.  The only problem is they managed to attract the attention of a new stalker, the KKK.  Is it because they just had a mixed-race baby or is it because the Klan is trying to use their popularity for their own gain?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have a New Stalker: The KKK

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Stalked by the KKK

The KKK stalks Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This past June 15, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their new baby, North, and, ever since then, they've been trying to lay low, avoiding paparazzi and keeping the baby under wraps.  Even though fans were expecting all kinds of publicity pictures and endorsements, nothing has surfaced yet, except for the strange story that the KKK have targeted Kim and Kanye for reasons as of yet unknown.

Tongues started wagging last weekend when Kim and Kanye traveled to Oklahoma to attend the funeral of Kanye West's grandfather, Portwood Williams Sr.  Not only did Kim keep the baby hidden at all times, but there were some suspicious characters following her as she left the funeral.

Kim Kardashian Meme: The Strange Case of the Hidden Baby

One of the guests present at the funeral noticed there were men wearing white masks that resembled the KKK, but they kept a distance and only watched as Kim and Kanye greeted friends and family members.  The Klan first emerged during the Reconstruction in the deep south and their presence in Oklahoma since then has been quite conspicuous.

Given the fact that the KKK has been accused of being racist, they have gone underground in recent years and they no longer burn crosses or ride their horses gang style at night.  But there is photographic evidence that the Klu Kux Klan is still very much alive and kicking, and rumor has it that they hold their meetings in basements and other places concealed from the public.

KKK meme: They see me rollin' I'm hatin'

Only time will tell if those suspicious men wearing white KKK masks at the funeral of Kanye West's grandfather were just posers or if they were the real deal.  What do you think?  Does the KKK have a valid reason to be stalking Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?  What could their intentions be?  Should Kim and Kanye be worried and call the FBI?  Could it be that Obama is behind this because he is sore that they're more popular than him?  Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Monday, August 19, 2013

UFO Drops Off a Mutilated Cow in Lady Gaga's Backyard

Did a UFO Really Drop Off a Mutilated Cow in Lady Gaga's Backyard?

As the worldwide debut of her new single officially hits the airwaves, Lady Gaga faces a major crisis.  A UFO dropped off a mutilated cow in her backyard just the night before her music video went public on Good Morning America.  Sources close to the hot-tempered diva inform us she has no idea who is responsible for such a desecration, but she's got a couple of suspects in mind and has her staff working overtime to find incriminating evidence to throw someone in jail.

Lady Gaga's Backyard Crisis: UFO Drops Off Mutilated Cow

UFO Drops Off Mutilated Cow in Lady Gaga's Backyard

It is not yet clear how Lady Gaga will be handling this disaster, especially at such a crucial moment of her career when she's desperately trying to make a comeback.  The last time Lady Gaga made headlines was back in the fall of 2012, when she gained a whooping 25 pounds and came out on stage looking like Ursula, the sea witch from The Little Mermaid.

Lady Gaga Looking Like Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Mutilated Cow Found in Lady Gaga's Backyard: Dropped off by a UFO?

This is the last thing Lady Gaga needs right now.  Just this past Sunday, she had a huge meltdown and went off on an angry Twitter rant against her nemesis, celeb blogger Perez Hilton.  Just because Hilton was spotted in the same New York building where Gaga lives, she accused him of stalking her and demanded that he stay away from her.  Could it be that Perez Hilton is responsible for the mutilated cow fiasco?

According to an anonymous source close to the singer, Lady Gaga sure seems to think so.  This is certainly reason enough for her to get a restraining order against Hilton.  If she can get her hands on enough evidence, that is.  This would be the first time Perez Hilton is tied to an incident involving UFOs and cattle mutilations.

Lady Gaga's Nemesis Perez Hilton: UFO Connections Anyone?
Who woulda thunk it?  Perez Hilton with UFO connections?  I guess everything is possible these days.  We'll have to wait and see if Lady Gaga's staff succeed at gathering the necessary evidence to prove he's behind all this.  Putting him behind bars at this stage in the game would be quite convenient for Lady Gaga, but if she wants the scales of justice to tip in her favor, she'll have to ask her monsters on Twitter to stop bashing Hilton with death threats and anti-gay slurs.

Not that it bothers Perez Hilton, especially if it is in fact true he has friends in high places.  If he does have such valuable resources at his disposal, Gaga better fasten her seat belt because she's in for a rough ride.  It's quite possible that mutilated cattle won't be the only thing raining down on her.

But, according to reports, Perez Hilton is not the only suspect in this fiasco.  There is yet another celeb who is high on Lady Gaga's hit list right now.  I am referring to a singer who allegedly has sold more records and has way more hit singles than Lady Gaga.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Katy Perry.

Katy Perry: Bigger, Better and Badder than Lady Gaga?

Entertainment Weekly reports that Katy Perry's new single also leaked online last week just like Lady Gaga's.  Even though Billboard predicts that both singers will sell over a half a million downloads in their first week, Katy Perry's prospects far surpass those of Lady Gaga.  Is this reason enough to think that Katy Perry would conspire to have a UFO drop off a mutilated cow in Lady Gaga's backyard?

After all, Perry is a powerhouse, and her fan base is larger than Lady Gaga's.  Many conspiracy theories point out that aliens hungry for world domination always engineer the careers of megastars, so who's to say that Katy Perry is not one of those stars?  If she were, it wouldn't be surprising if she had the connections necessary to sabotage the release of Lady Gaga's new single.   

As of right now, Lady Gaga cannot point any fingers.  All she can do is have her staff investigate the evidence left behind by the UFO.  Will this be the incident that will give her career the edge it needs so desperately?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Obama Makes an Ass out of Himself in Egypt and Pisses Off the Shadow Government

Is the Shadow Government Pissed Off at Obama for Making an Ass Out of Himself in Egypt?  

It appears that, no matter what Obama does in response to the Egypt situation, he makes an ass out of himself.  But that's not the worst part.  Rumor has it that he's pissed off the boys upstairs, the ones that really run things around here.  I am referring to the Shadow Government, the secret reptilian alien mafia that pulls the strings behind the scenes not only in the United States but the rest of the world as well.

Obama Makes an Ass out of Himself in Egypt and PIsses Off the Shadow Government

Obama Makes an Ass Out of Himself in Egypt: What will the Shadow Government do to him?

It's a serious thing to piss off the real bullies behind the New World Order.  And, since the Shadow Government is a secret organization that the public knows very little about, it's not clear what the consequences are when one of their puppets pisses them off.  In this case, the one doing the honors is poor and clueless U.S. President Barack Obama, who is making such an ass out of himself in Egypt, that he's way in over his head as far as the Shadow Government is concerned.

The Shadow Government Pissed Off at Obama for Making an Ass Out of Himself in Egypt

The situation in Egypt seems to be getting worse with every day that goes by, and Obama can't win no matter what he does.  On the surface, he claims that his only purpose is to help Egypt transition into a democracy.  This is what he tells the people, but, as the blood and carnage in Egypt continues to pile up in the streets, anyone with a brain is naturally going to question his motives.

What is Obama's real agenda in Egypt?  He sure as hell is not answering to the American people, so is his administration really furthering the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood as some conspiracy theorists seem to think?  Does this mean there is a connection between the Shadow Government and the Muslim Brotherhood?

After all, Obama is said to be just a puppet of the real powers that be, the New World Order or Shadow Government.  So the question is, what is this Shadow Government of reptilian aliens asking of Obama under the circumstances?  Furthermore, is Obama living up to the expectations of this secret order, or are his actions completely exposing him as an inept, incompetent leader?

On one hand, we have the $1.3 billion in military aid the U.S. gives to Egypt every year.  The implications of this are that the Egyptian military is shooting into the crowd of insurgents with weapons supplied by the U.S. Government.

What does Obama have to say about this?  He just verbally condemns the actions of the Egyptian military and threatens to withdraw the aid.  Other than that, he lays back and enjoys his vacation at Martha's Vineyard while the body count in Egypt continues to pile up.

Obama Making an Ass out of Himself in Egypt: Go Islam!

On the other hand, we have the Muslim Brotherhood torching Christian churches and government buildings in Egypt.  They are doing this because they are furious that the Egyptian military took down their president, Mohamed Morsi.  And let's not forget that it was Hillary Clinton and Obama who put Morsi in power in the first place.  So what does Obama do?  He asks the Egyptians to give democracy a chance by reinstating their democratic government.

Only problem is, this so-called democratic government is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same people the Egyptian military has accused of being terrorists.  These terrorists are the ones who are burning the Christian churches and causing all the chaos in the streets.  Meanwhile, Obama threatens to withdraw the aid from the military for trying to get the situation under control, but he doesn't want people to think he's on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama Meme: Everyone is an alien and Obama is a reptilian

So whose side is he on then?  Why this blatant refusal to take a firm stance?  No wonder people call him spineless.  The Shadow Government cannot be happy about this.  Saying that Obama is making an ass out of himself in Egypt is actually too kind a statement.

In the mean time, we the people of the United States and the world are left with a lot of questions.  For instance, whose agenda is the Obama Administration really furthering?  Are we giving Obama too much credit by thinking he's got things under control and that he actually is furthering an agenda to begin with?  Or is he simply running around like a chicken with its head cut off with no idea of what he's doing anymore?

One thing is for sure.  There's probably very few people who would like to be in Obama's shoes right now.  Why doesn't the Shadow Government do something to rescue his reputation?  Or could it be perhaps that this is what the Shadow Government wants in the first place?  After all, it is said that reptilian aliens feed off of negative energy, so that's why they're always inciting conflict among the nations.

This idea would go right along with the view that Obama and his good ol' boys in Washington actually want for civil war to break out in Egypt.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  The more chaos and destruction prevails, the more debt will be created, and the more control the banks will exercise over Egypt.  After all, Obama has made it quite clear that the $1.3 billion in military aid the U.S. gives to Egypt is what allows us to have influence over what goes on there.

So, in the end, it's all about control.  That's why Obama is so hesitant to cut off this aid, even if he sees the military shooting into the crowd with weapons provided to Egypt by the U.S.  Sounds very consistent with the reptilian agenda of the Shadow Government.  Still, no one can deny that Obama is making an ass out of himself in Egypt because of his inability to make a decision.  And this is what is pissing off the Shadow Government.  The fact that this leader they put in power is so spineless.

Will Obama ever make heads or tails out of this mess, or will he continue to try to talk his way out of it all?  Most likely, he will continue to do what he's been doing so far.  Absolutely nothing.