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Is the Russian Military Negotiating Cybernetic Immortality for Edward Snowden?

Is the Russian Military Negotiating Cybernetic Immortality for Edward Snowden?

Deep in the bowels of a Russian military facility in the Siberian Forest, a sinister plan is hatching: To give Edward Snowden cybernetic immortality.

What is Cybernetic Immortality?

It is a new breakthrough technology that will enable scientists to transplant Snowden's brain into a robotic organism and, thus, grant it eternal life.  Such an organism is engineered specifically to access all the information stored in Snowden's subconsciousness and put it to good use.

Wacky Redonkulous News: Secret Russian Military Plot - Cybernetic Immortality for Edward Snowden?

New Conspiracy Theory Surrounds Edward Snowden and the Russian Military: Cybernetic Immortality to Access Information Stored in Snowden's Memory?

The ultimate goal?  To take down the bully of all bullies, the New World Order that the American Government is strategically establishing around the globe.  Why is the Russian military so paranoid? Well, for starters, perhaps because they see the writing on the wall.  It is said that the PRISM leaks Edward Snowden masterminded are only the tip of the iceberg in a ginormous worldwide conspiracy to enslave the minds of all humans.  

Edward Snowden: A Prophet, A Triple Agent, or a UFO Messenger?

The strategy is already well under way with the minds of poor, naive, unsuspecting Americans, who, even in the face of Edward Snowden's prophetic revelations, refuse to believe that their own government is shamelessly spying on their daily activities.

Sure, the American Governmentwith its mighty powerful media machinehas found it quite easy to discredit Edward Snowden by orchestrating all sorts of conspiracy theories that undermine the simplicity of his mission.  

While Snowden started out as a garden-variety whistleblower, to many, now he has become a triple agent, working undercover for the CIA.  Others claim he was a Chinese spy to begin with, while others have gone as far as stating that he has already been killed by a drone missile in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Moscow.  Yet others, the UFOlogists, have taken it a step further by claiming that Edward Snowden has a secret UFO message to deliver.

Edward Snowden Wacky Pictures - Game of Thrones

What does the Russian Military Want with Edward Snowden?

Only the Russian military, who has gladly taken possession of Edward Snowden, knows the truth.  The question is, will they reveal it to the public?  Most likely not.  At least not before they achieve their nefarious (or should we say heroic?) purposeto give Snowden cybernetic immortality.

How exactly does the Russian military intend to accomplish this feat?  Easy.  By transplanting Edward Snowden's brain into an avatar-like robotic organism, part human clone, part machine.  This is how Edward Snowden will attain cybernetic immortality.  

All the memory data stored in his subconscious mind will be served on a silver platter to the Russians, so they can access all the secrets they need in order to stop the New World Order from fulfilling its global Manifest Destiny.

But what kind of data are we talking about here?

Edward Snowden MEME: Team Edward

What Sort of Data Lays Hidden in Edward Snowden's Brain?

If allegations are correct, Edward Snowden laid eyes on thousands of documents in an NSA computer. The information he outed on Wikileaks was only a small fraction of the vast immensity he was actually exposed to.  All the rest of the information he uncovered is now safely stored away in his subconscious mind, which makes Snowden's brain one of the most valuable weapons in the history of Planet Earth.

If the Russian military plays its cards right, they could be sitting on the key to take down the biggest bully this world has ever known.  Will they succeed?  Only time will tell.

In the mean time, all we know is that Snowden possesses sensitive intel that can incriminate not only high-ranking U.S. Government officials but also military head honchos from the U.K. and Israel.  All of these crimes, namely murders, were committed under the safe protection of the War on Terror, which, in actuality, is supposed to be just a front to protect the economic interests of the elite.

Edward Snowden Wacky Pictures: From Russia with Love

What is Edward Snowden's True Role in the Secret Russian Agenda?

It appears the whole Snowden saga, as much as it has been blown out of proportion, has served to make this quite clear: Something stinks to high heaven.  Or, to put it in Shakespeare's words, "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark."  Replace the State of Denmark with the world superpowers of the West and you got yourself a myth of potentially-epic proportions.

Will the Russian military expose what's rotten by granting Edward Snowden cybernetic immortality?  Let's hope so.  Personally, I'm all for exposing the crimes of the wealthy elite.  Hey, you didn't think Moscow was going to grant Snowden political asylum just out of the goodness of their hearts, now did you?


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