Friday, August 16, 2013

Obama Makes an Ass out of Himself in Egypt and Pisses Off the Shadow Government

Is the Shadow Government Pissed Off at Obama for Making an Ass Out of Himself in Egypt?  

It appears that, no matter what Obama does in response to the Egypt situation, he makes an ass out of himself.  But that's not the worst part.  Rumor has it that he's pissed off the boys upstairs, the ones that really run things around here.  I am referring to the Shadow Government, the secret reptilian alien mafia that pulls the strings behind the scenes not only in the United States but the rest of the world as well.

Obama Makes an Ass out of Himself in Egypt and PIsses Off the Shadow Government

Obama Makes an Ass Out of Himself in Egypt: What will the Shadow Government do to him?

It's a serious thing to piss off the real bullies behind the New World Order.  And, since the Shadow Government is a secret organization that the public knows very little about, it's not clear what the consequences are when one of their puppets pisses them off.  In this case, the one doing the honors is poor and clueless U.S. President Barack Obama, who is making such an ass out of himself in Egypt, that he's way in over his head as far as the Shadow Government is concerned.

The Shadow Government Pissed Off at Obama for Making an Ass Out of Himself in Egypt

The situation in Egypt seems to be getting worse with every day that goes by, and Obama can't win no matter what he does.  On the surface, he claims that his only purpose is to help Egypt transition into a democracy.  This is what he tells the people, but, as the blood and carnage in Egypt continues to pile up in the streets, anyone with a brain is naturally going to question his motives.

What is Obama's real agenda in Egypt?  He sure as hell is not answering to the American people, so is his administration really furthering the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood as some conspiracy theorists seem to think?  Does this mean there is a connection between the Shadow Government and the Muslim Brotherhood?

After all, Obama is said to be just a puppet of the real powers that be, the New World Order or Shadow Government.  So the question is, what is this Shadow Government of reptilian aliens asking of Obama under the circumstances?  Furthermore, is Obama living up to the expectations of this secret order, or are his actions completely exposing him as an inept, incompetent leader?

On one hand, we have the $1.3 billion in military aid the U.S. gives to Egypt every year.  The implications of this are that the Egyptian military is shooting into the crowd of insurgents with weapons supplied by the U.S. Government.

What does Obama have to say about this?  He just verbally condemns the actions of the Egyptian military and threatens to withdraw the aid.  Other than that, he lays back and enjoys his vacation at Martha's Vineyard while the body count in Egypt continues to pile up.

Obama Making an Ass out of Himself in Egypt: Go Islam!

On the other hand, we have the Muslim Brotherhood torching Christian churches and government buildings in Egypt.  They are doing this because they are furious that the Egyptian military took down their president, Mohamed Morsi.  And let's not forget that it was Hillary Clinton and Obama who put Morsi in power in the first place.  So what does Obama do?  He asks the Egyptians to give democracy a chance by reinstating their democratic government.

Only problem is, this so-called democratic government is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, the same people the Egyptian military has accused of being terrorists.  These terrorists are the ones who are burning the Christian churches and causing all the chaos in the streets.  Meanwhile, Obama threatens to withdraw the aid from the military for trying to get the situation under control, but he doesn't want people to think he's on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama Meme: Everyone is an alien and Obama is a reptilian

So whose side is he on then?  Why this blatant refusal to take a firm stance?  No wonder people call him spineless.  The Shadow Government cannot be happy about this.  Saying that Obama is making an ass out of himself in Egypt is actually too kind a statement.

In the mean time, we the people of the United States and the world are left with a lot of questions.  For instance, whose agenda is the Obama Administration really furthering?  Are we giving Obama too much credit by thinking he's got things under control and that he actually is furthering an agenda to begin with?  Or is he simply running around like a chicken with its head cut off with no idea of what he's doing anymore?

One thing is for sure.  There's probably very few people who would like to be in Obama's shoes right now.  Why doesn't the Shadow Government do something to rescue his reputation?  Or could it be perhaps that this is what the Shadow Government wants in the first place?  After all, it is said that reptilian aliens feed off of negative energy, so that's why they're always inciting conflict among the nations.

This idea would go right along with the view that Obama and his good ol' boys in Washington actually want for civil war to break out in Egypt.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  The more chaos and destruction prevails, the more debt will be created, and the more control the banks will exercise over Egypt.  After all, Obama has made it quite clear that the $1.3 billion in military aid the U.S. gives to Egypt is what allows us to have influence over what goes on there.

So, in the end, it's all about control.  That's why Obama is so hesitant to cut off this aid, even if he sees the military shooting into the crowd with weapons provided to Egypt by the U.S.  Sounds very consistent with the reptilian agenda of the Shadow Government.  Still, no one can deny that Obama is making an ass out of himself in Egypt because of his inability to make a decision.  And this is what is pissing off the Shadow Government.  The fact that this leader they put in power is so spineless.

Will Obama ever make heads or tails out of this mess, or will he continue to try to talk his way out of it all?  Most likely, he will continue to do what he's been doing so far.  Absolutely nothing.  


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